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Top 10 Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras in 2018 Review

Outdoor wireless security cameras are the best way to protect your home and office. These are designed to help the users to keep an eye on their home even if they are out of home and city. You just need to focus on advanced features including video quality and night vision to get the maximum benefits of your security system. The purpose of your usage will determine the features and quality. The best part is that now outdoor wireless security cameras are incredibly affordable. If you are looking for some of the best models, you can consider any of the following ten. You will find both the affordable and expensive options on the list.

10. YI Outdoor Security Camera

YI Outdoor Security Camera will come as a wall-mounted and fairly visible unit. It is affordable and features 1080p resolution. The camera has 110-degree lens and it is able to record twenty frames per second. Besides, there will be the motion detection, phone alerts, and programmable sensitivity. The cloud service is subscription-based and it will offer protection from theft. Your footage will be securely stored in the cloud as well. Some key features are special noise recognition, an optional hands-free intercom, and real-time activity alerts. It will also enable you to communicate with the visitors.

9. Amcrest 3MP Wireless Security Camera

Amcrest 3MP Wireless Security Camera is highly appreciated by users for some of its improved features. It has a 3-megapixel image sensor with ultra-high definition to get all the details including the license plates and face. Besides, there will be four hours of cloud storage that you might not expect from other security cameras. It also has highest waterproof ratings. You can install it anywhere you want without the fear of damage. It is easy to set up and comes with intelligent motion alerts and web and mobile app.

8. 8Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security Camera

Arlo Pro by NETGEAR Security Camera can be used both for indoors and outdoors. You can use battery or power cord for operating this camera. The camera has night vision, motion detection, and an internet function. As it is introduced by Arlo, you can expect some improved features including waterproof ability, 130-degree field view, and 720p video resolution. It will need a base station for operating. Moreover, the users will Netgear’s cloud-subscription plan that will provide seven days worth of footage for free.

7. Nest Security Camera

Nest has a good reputation for offering the best quality indoor and outdoor security cameras. These are technically advanced and durable. For this camera, you need to plug it into a power source. You will not have to be worried about the dead batteries. Moreover, it will not turn off itself in your absence. It is certified to work with Amazon Alexa that will offer voice control functionality. You can also visit Nest aware service to store your footage in the cloud up to thirty days. You will love the smart video control and easy installation.

6. Blink XT Security Camera

Blink XT Security Camera is fully waterproof and can be ideal for both indoors and outdoors. You can connect it with up to ten other Blink units that will help you to create your home customized home security network. Moreover, there will be no subscription fee as it will come with free cloud storage. Some key features are night vision, motion detection, smart video control, Blinks that will enable you to operate your camera remotely using your voice, and two-year battery life. You can connect it to the internet via your computer.

5. Reolink Argus Wireless Security Camera

Reolink Argus Wireless Security Camera features an ergonomic design that makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can easily mount it on your wall. It is battery powered. It is able to record in full 1080p that will offer the best image quality. Besides, it will have night vision capability. Besides, there will be two-way microphone and speaker. It is affordable and offers live streaming. You can connect it to both iOS and Android. Some key features are WIFI, night vision, 1080P full HD, waterproof, and motion sensor.

4. Canary Flex Outdoor Security Camera

Canary Flex Outdoor Security Camera is dual powered. You can use it as wireless or plug-in depending on your requirement. You will also love the design and compact size. This camera is easy to install as well. It is completely waterproof and tested snow-proof and rain-proof that makes it a good option for outdoor use. It has motion detection and it directly sends alerts to your phone. The night vision will operate automatically. Besides, it will have the 360-degree swiveling base, connectivity with Alexa, one-touch emergency services, and 2-3 months battery life.

3. Netatmo Presence Outdoor Security Camera

This camera comes with recognition software that can detect cars, animals, and people and will respond accordingly. It has an integrated floodlight that can frighten the intruders. Some key features are the records in 1080p, night vision, and the 100-degree view. You can use it to directly stream video footage to your phone. It is lightweight and easy to install. Besides, you will appreciate the smart alerts WIFI compatibility, integrated floodlight, and free storage through Dropbox.

2. Ring Floodlight Security Camera

Ring Floodlight Security Camera comes with two ultra-bright lights to light up a wide area and to detect any motion and unwanted entry. The camera has a built-in siren that will hit audible levels up to 110 decibels. Besides, there will be the sophisticated motion detection and remote control operation. You can also command by using your voice. Some key features are full HD video, two LED floodlights, wide-angle motion sensors, and facial detection.

1. Logitech COMBO PACK

Logitech COMBO PACK comes with both indoor and outdoor cameras. They will work with Alexa for voice control. These are easy to set up. You can install and set it within a few minutes. Besides, there will be night vision, smart alerts, and advanced motion filtering. Both these are equipped with 1080p lenses, 180 degree, and window mounting. The best thing is that you can see the activity of last twenty-four hours. Besides, it will offer twenty-four hours cloud storage. Some key features are easy set up, control via app, advanced motion detection, and time-lapse day brief.

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