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Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks in 2018 Review

The kitchen sink is the most important part of our home, with majority of the washing and cooking being dependent on it. There are various sink types ranging from ceramic plastic to stainless steel sinks. Most people prefer the steel basins as it is easier to maintain and long lasting. The top 10 stainless steel single bowl kitchen sinks in 2018 are as follows:

10. Sterling B153-1 secondary sink

This sterling basin is manufactured with the high quality 22 gauge stainless steel material having a buffed basin finish. It’s depth is 5 -1/2 inches, ideal for small and mid size kitchens. It contains one hole faucet punching area and a provision for a single multi purpose tap. The satin finish makes the basin all the more durable and corrosion resistant. The silent shield, a sound deadening system, is an exclusive feature which cancels out the unwanted noise and vibrations making it popular among many households.

9. Houzer MB-3300-1 sink

The Houzer medallion stainless steel basin comes with a depth of 9 inches made from 18 guage stainless steel material. It has a lustrous satin finish with a single faucet opening. The other features of this basin includes super silencer, a coating to cancel out the noise, stone guard under protection, a layer of tough coating underneath, Specplus edge, making the edges smoother and shorter. This medallion designer single faucet stainless steel kitchen sing comes with a lifetime warranty which appeals most of the crowd to go for it.

8. Kraus KBU 16 sink

This stainless steel sink offering from Kraus comes with 7 inches of depth. The material used in it is the high quality premium T304 18 gauge stainless steel. The material is non porous and corrosion resistant built with 1.2 mm durable steel. The commercial grade finish ensures a scratch and stain resistant sink for lifetime. There are thick dampening pads and under coating for reducing the noise levels and at the same time making it a sturdy and solid build product. The edges are rounded off for easy cleaning purposes making it a highly favoured product.

7. Z sinks Milan 23 series sink

The z sinks Milan 23 series comes in various shapes and sizes depending upon the customer requirement. It is a single faucet stainless steel kitchen sing with rounded off edges. It consists of 25% more steel than the 20 gauge products which is scratch resistant and uniformly built. For the US and Canada there is the Zuhne exclusive warranty which covers the sink for a fairly long time. The non toxic components such as the water disposer compatibility and cad drawing for the precision countertop are some of the features of this sink. Free accessories like the mounting hardware and the basket strainer makes it a complete set.

6. Lordear SLJ 16003 Sink

The Lordear SLJ16003 is a 16 gauge 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel kitchen sink. It comes with a commercial grade satin finish with full scratch and stain resistant material. Sound is insulated with 3mm rubber pads and stone-guard undercoating for greater noise reduction. The cool offerings that come with the sink are the stainless steel dish grid, Cotton apron, oven gloves and oven mit. Lordear gives a 10 year warranty on this product.

5. Ruvati RVM4210 Sink

The Ruvati RVM4210 sink can be either flush mounted or top mounted. This flexibility is offered as the rim is finished to complement the inside of the sink. The satin finish gives a luxurious feel and lasts long. It is built with 16 gauge premium 304 stainless steel. The thick rubber paddings and the under coatings makes the sink a heavy duty one and sound proof. The standard 3.5 inches drain faucet fits any garbage disposal. The edges are rounded making it easier to install the stainless sink anywhere.

4. Cbath kitchen sink

This is an exceptionally strong drop in sink which features 9 gauge thick stainless steel all around. The product is completely handmade and undergoes rigorous testing. To reduce the vibrations, there are thick paddings and undercoats of rubber. This sink is mostly suitable for the large kitchens due to it’s sheer size and deep depth. The sink also comes with bonus kitchen materials like the dish racks, 2 silicon multipurpose pots, lift out basket strainer and a protective bottom grid to give extra strength to the sink.

3.​​ Voilamart stainless steel kitchen sink

The voilamart stainless steel sink is one of the best selling products on Amazon. It’s ample space with 8.3 inches depth makes it capable of holding large number of dishes. It’s made from the high quality 304 stainless steel 1.2mm material which is both corrosion resistant and scratch proof. It can be mounted in all the three ways – under mount, flush mount and top mount. The extras of this sink include a basket strainer and a dish drying rack with rubber grips. It’s three way mounting feature and massive corrosion resistant material with the noise cancellation rubber pads makes this product immensely popular in many house holds.

2. Comllen 304 stainless steel sink

Constructed with the premium 304 steel, this sink is abrasion and scratch resistant upto the highest degree. The single faucet consists of the waste food collector basket and a 3-1/2 inch drain opening which fits most of the garbage disposal systems. The product is highly durable with sound insulation rubber paddings on all the four sides. It is a sleek and well styled product with long lasting features and a commercial grade finish.

1. Kraus KTM25 sink

This lifetime warranty kitchen sink from Kraus features a high quality premium 304 stainless steel make. It is non porous, highly resistant to scratches and corrosion proof. The 2mm rubber pads and the NoiseDefend coating provides extra sound proofing and condensation buildup, protecting the cabinets from damage. The channel grooves are chalked out for better drainage with the rounded off corners and the 3.5 inch draining system. This is the top selling and highly sought-after stainless steel kitchen sinks in the US.


The kitchen sinks are a part of our daily lives and we must ensure that our sink is of the best quality. With properties like scratch resistant and corrosion proof, non porous and commercial grade build, ample space and easy draining, most of these sinks are considered to be efficient and easy to maintain sinks making our lives hassle free.

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