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Top 10 best ironing board in 2018 Reviews

Give preference to the lifestyle and know about latest trends and fashion is a choice or hobby for any individual. But keep your garments intact even after buying it from your favorite designer or large wholesale is a task to achieve every day. Only from home, a person can iron its clothes with a look every day and can become eye throb for the favorite one. To make life easy for the user a innovation in the surface board is popularly known as ironing board is introduced by many of the companies in the market. Now a day’s ironing board comes in many sizes and adjustable features. A tall person not to need bend forward due to the adjustable qualities. With different designs and applications, an ironing board is available that best suits for one lifestyle. Here are 10 best ironing board that can review and a user can make a choice to buy the best one out of it.

10. Homz contour


Made up of pure cotton and integrated polyurethane foam pad has a top surface of steel gives perforated style ironing surface. Adjustable height is one of the feature make it suitable for any person. While earlier ironing boards are less stable a feature of curved foot gives it a 30% stability as a ironing board of T leg. Made in the USA has white and filigree cover design. Hence with it sophisticated structure a innovative solution for home base life.

9. Brabantia

Brabantia ironing board is adjustable in height and a surface with large width. Improve suitability with irons and gives comfort in both ironing and peace of mind. While user can adjust the height of the ironing board according to one’s height no matter how tall the user height. The surface of the board can be used for large item as it is larger in width. For example pants or shirts with large sizes, can be repositioned on the iron board due to larger width. Thus saves useful time and cost on the ironing process. It has a unique resistance on the floor to keep it sleeping the legs are ivory frame with caps that has non slip properties. Moreover a presence of child safety lock prevent the table from collapsing and a transport lock for the storage purpose.

8. Brabantia with iron rest

A feature like the moving circle type working area and adjustable height is a stylish ironing board with solid steam iron rest. A convenience of full customization is available as per requirements. Similarly, in contrast with other ironing board, it has an extra wide surface for larger items. Additional features like protective strips to protect it from damage. The moving circles present on the iron board are formed with resilient foam for best result during ironing. Presence of safety features like non-slip caps at the end of the feet’s prevent it to fast movements.

7. Brabantia steam Generator

Features like steam unit holder makes it enable for basic iron and provides suitability for steam units. A four leg rigid ironing board has an extra stable worktop. Thus can be used for large shirts. An ergonomic quality to adjustable up to 7 different heights and child lock make it a consumer choice.

6.  Mable

With cotton cover with 100% natural quality. With 8 features that have a revolutionary cause in Mable ironing board. An extra large board with wing system in retractable style. Enhance smooth friction free gilding. Additional tools like storing basket, cord grabber, a rail for hanging clothes is safe for convenient hanging. It is adjustable to heights with 6 different pre-set. A safety lock feature help it to stable during collapsing. For pillowcase and shirt shoulder a provision of a retractable wing is present.

5.  Mable home

Some of the similar in feature like pure cotton, board cover with extra thickness a supportive metal outboard. This four-legged structure can be used to any heights. With its adjustable facility make it more phenomenal to user. Smooth surface and extra space make it a preference for the home-based user.

4. Homz contour steel top

Ironing board comes in all shapes and different feature like wooden board or plastic metal coating. However, Homz contour provides a facility of steel top ironing board. Make it more resistible and hard surface to give Excellency in ironing. Discussing it features in detail a solid ironing surface of perforated steel. A polyurethane foam pad with natural cotton cover pad. Adjustable height is the one similar feature that can be seen in every ironing board but in Homz contour it can be adjusted up to 36 inches. A 30% stability increased due to curved foot feature.

3. Homz T-leg steel top

It is not any other different from other Homz ironing board with similar features like adjustable height, cover design, cotton cover with foam pad, leg lock and safety features. It has a facility of T-leg shaped steel body with foam pad covered by board a layer of green cover on it. Make a beautiful appearance other than the features it possess.

2. Epica silicone coated

Durability with silicone coating padding with heavy duty gives exceptional resistant to handle long ironing sessions. Exposing edges of the board during leaving is a matter to worry for user but covering facility on it ease a worry out. A custom fit with elastic edges and straps with valcro in it. Wrinkle-Free clothes can be seen with a surface like silicon silver. It is a choice for the buyer looking for an exceptional long-lasting USA product.

1. Whitmore tabletop

It removes wrinkle faster with a presence of top steel mesh in durability feature on the ironing board table top. Works with a enhance steam through vented holes. If not using a tabletop size ironing board can be hooked on retractable hanging. Prevents scratches and enhanced stability with no skid protector. Suitable for touch top during traveling and small spaces. It is one of the unique product to buy in ironing board with simple features not complicate in use.


With a ease of the home based works, the innovation is developed in the product to make our life easy. Ironing board with adjustable features and diversity in the design make it a choice for the user to buy. While going to a party or a meeting will generate value if the posture is maintained and look smart. Thus an ironing board is as important as a wardrobe

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