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Top 10 Best GPS Systems for Car in 2018 Reviews

Are you in need to know location of your car, or recover it easily when lost? If that is the case, worry no more since you can use GPS tracker that Will always ensure you get the information you need concerning your car. Below are 10 best GPS Systems for Car

10.Tracker Vyncs Pro OBD 3G Car Tracker Real-Time GPS

This GPS is highly packaged to ensure it meets all your needs. It does not have monthly fees and has a warranty of 1 year. Also, you can get great road assistance, especially if you are from USA, Canada or Puerto Rico. Another good thing about this track is that it has a web account of it’s own and can be easily connected to a phone using a mobile application and this ensure increased accuracy and efficiency. This tracker does tracking in real time through Google Maps and it can connect perfectly on either 2g or 3G networks. Using this device you can be record allyour car activities.

9. AMERICALOC GL300W Portable GPS Tracker XW Series.

This is very high quality tracker since apart from showing your GPS location perfectly it can also be able to record the speed which your car is moving at. Basically, this tracker service are pocket friendly and affordable, especially when using this tracker latest version. The tracker has a long lasting and durable battery that ensures that you will get signals especially when you urgently need them. Can be perfectly used in any country in the world. You can use both a computer or a phone when doing the tracking. You can also use either android or iPhone applications which makes tracking more easier and enjoyable. For real time feedback, this device gives you locations update in 10, 30 and 60 seconds respectively.

8. ABLEGRID GPS Tracker GSM, GPRS System car Tracking Device TK102

This is a super great tracking device.This device has the ability of tracking every slight movement of the your car therefore keeping you always informed about your car. This device uses SMS communication and for connection it’s not a must you have a SIM card. To ensure increased efficiency, this device has been developed using a highly developed GSM and GPRS technology for perfect functioning. This device can be used everywhere across the world dew to it perfect functioning and it has everything you may need in a car tracker.

7. Car lock Real-Time Tracker and Alert System

This is a classic tracker for a car and in case you have been worried how you can be able to ensure your car safety, this tracker is the best solution for you. This tracker is a form of a car lock and detect unusual happening, therefore keeping you up-to-date of everything that is happening around your car.This is possible since it sends an alert to your phone immediately their is detection of Unusual vibration or starting of car engine. Apart from this device acting as a tracker, it also help you in the detection of any unusual condition and health of your car and advise you appropriately. This tracker is pocket friendly and affordable and of all it comes with one free first month warranty.

6. Garmin 50 USA LMT GPS System navugator with Lifetime traffic and Maps

Cars are very important assets and great investment, meaning you should be always informed of what is happening to them for their safety.
Basically, this tracker can greatly help you in keeping track of all decisions made by the driver using your car not forgetting it also helps the driver too.

This device will send you an alert in case of speed charge, upcoming bend, speed cameras ,red rights and even school zones and in case your driver is under fatigue you will still be alerted.
The great quality that defines this device is that it is very easy to use, especially when you are in new place or town making it very easy in navigation.

5. Garmin 50 LM GPS Navigator System

Apart from this tracker giving you quality tracking services it also aids your driver when doing his/her job especially when offering transport services. When Using this tracker knowing the direction is not a must as it will guide you by giving you enough information you require when on the road. This device has the ability to identify upcoming timely alerts of red lights, bends or school and many others. This tracker also ensures that the car owner can easily get alerts on the car location, changing of the vehicle speed or even especially when the driver is under fatigue therefore increasing safety of both your car and the driver. This tracker gives real time location updates and you can easily load key landmark data into the device system that will increase efficiency.

4. Spy M2 Waterproof Magnetic Case STI GL300 tracker.

If need to track your cars undetected, this tracker is the best option for you since it communication is one sided meaning you can track your car even without your driver knowing about it. Therefore, if you major intention is to know your car location, this is the best tracker for you. The tracker has a magnetic mount that works perfectly in any type of weather condition as it is waterproof meaning that the transmitor will always be safe from moisture and collision. The device is long lasting and it can be fitted anywhere in the car provided the surface is flat and metallic.

3. MOTO OBD GPS Tracker with 3G, GPS Service Locator

This device is mostly used by taxi operation companies and this is because of its ability in monitoring of cars all the day in their daily activities. Using this tracker, you can easily know when your car driver is going against normal routine and act to its accordingly. Also, using this device you will always be able to know your car exact location and this is because its very easy to monitor this device. It is also, able to record driving habits of your drivers and produce a driving report. Despite how this device is affordable and pocket friendly, it’s connected to either your email address or mobile phone that ensure you get real time location alerts.

2. GPS Vyncs OBD, 3G ,GPS Tracking Trips

This is among the best GPs trackers in the market due to its quality and benefits it’s come with. It has a warranty, has no monthly subscription and of all comes with a data SIM card. This tracker is the best in giving real time location updates and reports. Location update is after every 3 minutes. You can track approximately more than 5 cars at once using this tracker. When Using this device, it’s possible to monitor the speed and driving activities. This device can work perfectly on either 3G or 2G networks.


1. Spy STI GL300 Portable car GPS Tracker

The best of all GPs tracker.This device ensures you get everything you have ever wanted on a tracker. This device can be used for both spying and tracking purposes of your car. Its designed in a way that it will keep you always updated with your car location. It’s connected to Google Maps therefore you just need a network and you will be good to go. It gives real time location updates in every single second.The device is pocket friendly, very accurate and very high efficiency.


For the best experience In your car safety and tracking you can choose one of the above car tracker that fits your priority and you will never regret.

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