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Top 10 Best Glass Water Pitchers in 2018 Review

Water pitchers are now trending with every individual keen on getting the best. Well, it pays to get a good one and if you think that glass water pitchers are simply fancy jugs with huge price tags then you are wrong. They can bring you unexpected features to the table. While it is challenging to narrow your choices to a single pitcher considering the huge number in the market today, this honest review is here to help you out. The following pitchers stand out from the rest. Read on and make a wise decision as you make a purchase.

10. Art-come 64 Oz-Heat Resistant Pitcher

The awesomely designed water carafe holds 1.9 Liters (64 Oz) of any liquid poured into it. You can put almost every liquid, from boiling water to fresh fruit juice. You can rely on it for almost everything.

The jug is made of high grade Borosilicate glass which is characterized as lightweight, high thermo-resistant, and thin. The users appreciate the fact that it fits on all fridges and occupies less space. Its special oval shape with thin yet stable handle is very noticeable. The best thing about it is that it is safe on all dishwashers and stoves.


  • Safe on all stoves
  • Thin and durable
  • Very beautiful


  • Some people believes that thicker is safer

9. Anchor Hocking Crystal Glass Pitcher

The beautiful water jug boasts a capacity of 64 ounces and can hold everything from water to to beer. It comes with a classic design that makes it presentable on every occasion. Whether you are holding a classy, fun, or sophisticated event, this glass water jug can give you that comfort that you need when serving your guests.


  • It is durable
  • It is crystal clear


  • Does not have a lid

8. World Glass Pitcher with Lid

The glass pitcher comes with a lifetime warranty with its stylish design making it perfect for birthdays, homecoming, and home parties. It is made of thin and lead-free Borosilicate glass. The glass is known to be durable and head resistant. The jug is also perfect for both hot
and cold drinks. What makes it stand out from the rest is its stainless lid that fits perfectly with a sealing ring that prevents drips.


  • Heat resistant
  • Does not occupy much space
  • Stainless steel lid


  • It is thin

7. Hiware Glass Pitcher

With a high rating on Amazon, this jug holds 64 Oz and it is the best thing to add to your kitchen. Being made of borosilicate glass, this means that is durable. Unlike other jugs, it comes with a stainless steel lid with its oval shape giving it an awesome look. Since it is heat resistance, this means that it can hold hot liquids or put it on a fridge with no risk involved.


  • Heat resistant
  • Comes with a 2 years warranty
  • Consumes less space


  • Comes with a small sprout

6. BobuCuisine’s Elegant Chill Water Pitcher

If looking for a carafe that consumes less kitchen space, this spectacular and beautiful, then this is the pitcher that you have been looking for. The carafe comes with a Scandinavian design and it is made of borosilicate material offering you an easy time with both cold and hot beverages. It is tall with a small base and so it takes less space on the refrigerators or tables.


  • It is durable
  • Covers less space


  • Holds less beverages

5. Hiware Borosilicate Glass Pitcher

Just like other jugs from this company, this one does not have much weight and it is also heat resistant. This only means that one can brew coffee or tea without breaking the jug. The water carafe is also awesomely designed to consume less space and it also fits on
most doors.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No reported cons yet

4. Luminarc Quardo Pitcher

If you are one of those who think that thick is safe, Luminarc gives you a pitcher that you are less likely to say no to. The carafe is made of textured, thick, and clear glass that hardly break. It also comes with a thoughtfully positioned handle to make pouring and handling easy and comfortable. The jug carries 57 ¼ Oz meaning that you can serve several people.


Large capacity

Made of thick glass


  • Comes with a plastic lid

3. BobuCuisines Fruit Infusion Pitcher

The water jug features a fruit infuser that offers healthy drinking water with different fruit flavors. This means that you will not only meet your daily water intake target but also control unhealthy sugar drinks. The jug can carry 1Litre of water make it ideal for everyone. This borosilicate jug comes with a sleek design, it is lightweight, and it is also very sturdy. The construction material allows you to add hot liquid directly and so it minimizes operating time.


  • It is heat resistant
  • Comes with a fruit infuser


  • It is small

2. Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Pitcher with lid

With a 77 holding capacity, this carafe is among the largest on our list. The water jug is made of thick and sturdy glass with no plastic at all. This means that you can have your beverages hot or cold without experiencing the weird and unhealthy tastes that comes with plastic jugs. Also, the thick glass lets you pour in hot liquids or store your beverages in the refrigerator with no issues. It also comes with a tight lid and a removable ring that prevents leakages.


  • Has a wide opening for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Made of thick glass
  • Has a large holding capacity


  • It is not safe for dishwasher

1. Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher

When it comes to design, this carafe resembles Bormioli that we have reviewed above. The only difference is that Hermetic is somehow smaller and also slightly cheaper. This Italian made beverage carafe is made of thick-textured glass that is transparent to enable you view the contents. It also has a wide opening for easy cleaning of the interior.


  • It’s constructed to last longer
  • Strong handle
  • Wide opening


  • Cannot hold hot beverages

Unlike in the past when people did not spend much on water carafes, they now understand the benefits and fun that comes with these products. Good water pitchers like the ones that we have listed above can do wonders do your favorite beverage. Well, with the above review of the best glass water pitchers, visit Amazon.com to make an order and get a stylistic spark to your home. All the best!

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