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Top 10 Best Bento Lunch Boxes in 2018 Review

The Japanese bento boxes are the ancient lunchbox forms that are staple to the Japanese culture. These lunchboxes are economical, practical and compact. In addition to that, they have an amazing appearance. They are multi-compartment self-stacking containers that can store a wide variety of food. The lunchboxes makes you bring more at lunch time than just ham sandwich. They have been advantageous to most parent since they offered them a creative outlet to pack lunch to their children and you can also pack your bento box!

The Bento boxes are multi-functional and are used in Japanese cuisine as take-out boxes. The boxes have become popular in every part of the world. This is because of their convenience and efficiency in storing and portioning in a portable and compact way. They come in various designs, shapes and sizes. The containers are made in different
amazing colors that easily attract kids’ attention. You should therefore try replacing your kid’s routine lunch box with the bento boxes since they are safe and fun to use. Below is the list of the best bento boxes.

10. Freshware, 15-Packs, 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes

The Freshware bento box is designed with high quality materials that maintain the original taste of your food. It comes in 3 compartments that allow you to store a lot of food. They have an airtight lid that ensures that the food stored remains fresh and can stay there for some time, even for 21 days. The Freshware bento box is stackable thus needs minimal space to store your food and it’s easy to transport. It’s designed with a good texture, which enable it to withstand both low and high temperatures. The Freshware lunch box can be used to either warm or store your food in the freezer without damaging the box.


9. Kotobuki 2-Tiered Bento’s Box, Brown Blossom

The Kotobuki is an attractive 2-tiered bento lunch box. It’s constructed by a dark-brown wood and small subtle, cherry blossom petals added on its top. The bottom and top of this box is dishwasher and microwave safe except for its internal lid that isn’t microwave safe thus need to be washed by hand. The top compartment has a press-on lid that prevents spillage.

8. Compartment Microwaves Safe Food Containers with the Bento Lunch Box

The Compartment Microwave Safe lunch box comes with 3 compartments that have the capacities of 16 and 8 ounces. It’s made of a snap-lick lid seal made of the polypropylene that is very tight that keeping your food fresh when inside the container. This Compartment container is leak-proof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe. The Compartment Microwave Safe lunch box is BPA free as well and can operate up to a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon’s Bento Lunch Boxes

The Japanese Traditional Rabbit lunch box is blue in color and it’s so adorable .It has a small and beautiful protection bags with same rabbit moon-pattern s. Although it isn’t waterproof, it has straps which keep it safe. Its lid is tightly shut and it’s sizeable enough for kids. The Japanese Traditional bent lunch box has chopsticks that appear tiny but they are so easy to use those with the regular length.

6. Pakkon, Round Bento’s Lunch Box Container With Clear Lid

The Pakkon bento box has a transparent lid that enables you to see what is inside thus easy labeling. The lunch box is high quality is boosted by its polypropylene material. The Pakkon Round lunch box withstands a temperature of about 250f with a lid that tightly closes it making the box leak proof. This helps in giving the food an airtight storage. The container is economical and it can be used over and over again. Storing a pack of these bento boxes is easy as they perfectly fit into one another. It’s a plastic lunch box that is oil and grease resistant leaving no residue behind. These types of lunch boxes are ideal for children and grown-u since they can be fitted perfectly in the lunch bags.

5. Misc Home, Compartments Meal Prep Container Durable BPA Free Plastics Container

The Misc Home bento lunch box permits food reheating and freezing because of its quality material. The lunch box can store food for long periods of time. It comes with two compartments to store food hence allowing you to take your own food hustle free because of its portability. The lunch box is best for outings and picnics as more can be stored in its compartments. The Misc Home box has clear high quality lid that enables you to see inside the box. The lid is also airtight and leak proof thus able to store food for long without spoiling. This Misc Home boxes have several uses and
after use as the box can also be utilized in carrying other food types.

4. MonbentoTM MB Originals Bento Box

The Monbento lunch box is the original kids’ lunch box from Monbento. It has quality BPA-free design that allows daily use of the box with no worry of it falling apart faster. Every 500ml of this lunch box container has a airtight lid and it’s microwave safe up to 3 minutes at time. Its adjustable food cup permits one to separate food and it neatly fits in the container. The box has an elastic band that keeps the box stacked neatly on each other’s top.

3. Peanut Snoopy Design Reusable Box Lunch Bag

This bento lunch box is best those who love snoopy dogs. The Reusable Bento box is well designed with amazing features. It’s designed with unique and cute cartoons of the snoopy dogs and other dog family members. The box is well insulated, with a zip at the top thus keeping your food fresh for a long time. This bento box has a good size that can fit enough lunch for your kid.

2. Prep Natural, Glass Storage Container with Lids

The box has a glass container that has two separate compartments thus you can store different food types in just one contain and it becomes a full meal. This Prep Naturals bento box is designed with high quality materials that are chemical free thus you are assured of a safe meal. It can withstand both low and high temperatures thus it can be used to keep food cooler of warm it in the microwave. The Glass Storage container comes with lock covers and tight seal thus ensuring that the food stays fresh and long without spoiling. The bento box has other purposes like in the restaurants.

1. LunchBots, Bento LARGE Stainless Steel Foods Container, 5 Section

The LunchBots lunch box is designed with quality material of stainless steel, thus it’s strong, easy to clean, rust-resistant and can’t easily break. This steel design gives it a very long-lasting durability. The box is big compared to basic containers. The LunchBots has 5 compartment; three smaller and two large. The compartments offer a big space that can carry a lot of food. This Bento Cinco container is environmental friendly and economical since it permits you to top-up your food and not to throw the can away. It’s ideal for those who wish to store dry food since its lid is waterproof.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, bento lunch boxes have amazing feature that are ideal to be used by both adults and kids in carrying foods. The bento boxes come in various designs, shapes and sizes. They’re beautifully constructed and have various amazing colours which are likeable by children. So change your family’s routine lunch with top bento boxes that are safe and fun. They have an eco-friendly nature that is captivating and their containers can both be used and reused.

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