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Top 10 Best Waterproof Boots in 2018 Reviews

Whether you are staying in a place having continental climate which is characterised by frequent rains or the nature of your work is such that you need to stand and work in wet and waterlogged surface like that of a plumber. Then, having a waterproof boot is essential. Over the years, there has been an increasing craze for hiking among young people as well as elderly to get out of mundane life. This is also another reason that the popularity of waterproof boots has increased immensely.

The choice of our boot greatly determines the chance of us having aching and sore feet at the end of the day. The comfort that a boot provides also increases the productivity and efficiency at work. Therefore, buying a waterproof boot is of utmost relevance.

With a myriad of choices available online, the customers are always confused about the durability and effectiveness of the boot and fall for the wrong one. We would like to throw some light onto the best-selling water proof boots which are available on Amazon and are offers the best value for money.

List of Top 10 Waterproof Boots in 2018

10. Kamik Women’s Waterproof Jennifer Rain Boots

These Kamik women’s waterproof Jennifer Rain boots is one the top selling boots on Amazon. Made up of rubber, the boot offers warmth to the shoe by keeping them dry. The Boot offers coverage till mid-calf and has a winged tip for giving it a sharp look. The sole of the shoe is also made up of rubber and is removeable to enable some ventilation while they are kept idle. The boot best serves the purpose during a rainy season and enhances the height upwards with its 0.5-inch heel. The decorative buckle on the boot also gives it a stylish look.

9. XPETI Women’s Waterproof Mid Hiking Outdoor Boot

Available in different colors, the shoe is a combination of style and comfort. Xpeti has made sure that the waterproof boot is perfect for family outings, adventure trips, hill and mountain climibing. For perfect protection, the shoe comes with molding rubber toe cap and at the heel. The integration of EVA midsole, light weight material and at the same time the sturdy look makes it one of the best waterproof shoes for women.

8. Teva Women’s W Arrowood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

For all women’s having passion of hiking and trekking, these Teva W Arrowood waterproof boots serve the purpose right. The shoe is made up of 66% leather and 34% textile which increases its authenticity. The perfect outdoor shoes comprise floatlite technology which means the shoe is featherlight and does not put added pressure on your feet. Moreover, it does not compromise on comfort and remains committed to its waterproof material. Combination of both ultralight and durability make it the most desirable shoes for women.

7. Hanagal Men’s Tangula Waterproof Hiking Boot

This waterproof shoe is made up of SYmpatex technology based in Germany which offers high quality material for boots. SYmpaTex is made of environment friendly materials that allows breathability of the shoe and provides a shield against wind and water. No matter what you plan for the day is, whether its hiking or back packing the shoes are idle. Hanagal gives the guarantee that the shoe will be durable as it will stay with you for a long time and eliminates the chance of water seepage in the foot.

6.  Dunham Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

These high performance waterproof boots are best for adventure trips as its upper leather repeals moisture, thus keeping feet dry and warm. It’s slip resistant tru-trak outsole prevents bruising of the skin from stones and ensure extra protection in steep zones which high chances of shocks. The boots are inserted with high foam which helps in reducing pressure. The shoe is true to its size and has a unique style which makes it a fashion statement.

5.  Oboz Men’s Bridger BDRY Hiking boot

These are not just any other hiking shoe, but the Oboz Bridger shoe has Bdry proofing which preserves its integrity. These classic waterproof boots are available in scotch brown color. The Bfit deluxe insoles are autonomically designed to maximise stability and durability. The other quintessential feature of the boot is that it has metal outsole for added strength during hiking and rough weather. The shoe once purchased lasts longer than one might expect it to and is definitely worth buying from Amazon.

4.  Mishmi Takin Kameng Mid Event Waterproof Hiking Boot

The first impression of the Mishmi Takin Kamin Mid Event Waterproof boot is that it is solid. The shoe is made with such a precison that it has a 100% permeable membrane that allows ventilation. This event membrane helps keeping the foot dry by venting out the sweat. Moreover, the upper surface which is made up of suede and cordura ensures durability byeliminating abrasions. The outsole is made of Vibram Gironda which enables traction of the foot by enhancing the grip on a hard surface. These shoes are specially made to withstand Himalayan weather and are a highly recommended when buying a waterproof shoe.

3. Xiang Guan Men’s Outdoor High-Top Waterproof Trekking Hiking Boots

Xiang Guan as a brand provides high-tech designs in its shoes and ensure high quality material is used in manufacturing. These outdoor high-top waterproof trekking hiking boots are the best waterproof boots as they have anti-slip properties due to the presence of rubber sole. The
rubber sole also add great grip to the foot and are therefore highly recommended while trekking. As hopping and jumping are sometime required during hiking, the boots have EVA cushioning midsole which are the best absorbers of shock.

2.  Quicksilk Men’s Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot

Specially designed for hiking, the Quicksilk waterproof snow boots are perfect for men’s as it ensures durability. Made up of faux leather and fitted with rubber sole, the shoes are strictly water resistant. The color of the boot is fitted with a pad which enhances comfort and eliminate the chance of rashes. The toe box is wide, with provides ample space and give a perfect fitting. This also enables walking in any terrain and does not cause slippage.

1. Qomolangma Men’s and Women’s Leather Hiking Boot Waterproof Lightweight Motorcycle Boots for Trail Trekking Outdoor

This pair of shoe is available for both men and women and are multi-purpose waterproof boots. Qomolangma make sure that it serves its customers with innovative footwear of great value. Its lightweight EVA midsole absorbs the high impact the feet feels while trekking outdoors. Besides, its event waterproof technology vents out sweat providing comfort and dry feet during rainy seasons, in muddy marshland and while crossing shallow streams of river. This has been made possible with its polytetrafluroethylene event membrane The shoe tops the list due to its epic durability and premium leather quality, superior gripping force and extra cushioning to avoid bruising.

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