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Top 10 Best Travel Luggage in 2018 Reviews

When on a journey and carry-on bags are onot sufficient enough, a durable good quality bag becomes a necessity. Some travel luggage offer a variety of pockets to keep you well organized while at the same time offering you a specious min component for loading the most of your gear. Just be aware of your airlines weight limits. Travel luggage come in both soft and shell cases with some offering locks to keep your stuff safe. With several varieties available in the market, below are 10 of the most preferred. You are sure to find one suitable for you next travelling adventure.

10. Trevelpro Crew 10

This is an averagely priced travel luggage that can suit most traveler’s needs. The perfectly designed soft-shell bag comes with a number of features to help prevent tear and wear, like the re-enforcement guards built into the sides and back that prevents scraping and strong zippers. The bag comes with a set of wheels and resting feet. It has three exterior pockets, inbuilt garment bag, and a big enough main compartment. It weighs about 9.5 pounds. it is available in two colors, red and black.

9. City Traveller


This brand is very durable; it is constructed from almost unbreakable ABS materials with a scratch-resistant surface. It comes with eight spinner wheels, and is sleek making it different from other travel luggage types. It has a multi-tiered handle which making it easy to pull around no matter what height one is. It also comes with an approved TSA locking system to help keep the contents safe. Inside the main compartment, there are straps and a large poach with a zip to help keep the inside organized when moved around. This bag comes in a variety of colors from dark green, silver to red which makes it easy to identify in a luggage area. It weights about 7.28 pounds making very light.

8. Basics Softside Spinner


If searching for a reasonably priced travel luggage then this is the best choice for you. It comes in both 25-inch size for fewer contents and a bigger 29-inch. This travel luggage has all the basics a bag needs, the travel luggage is made with a wider base and a smaller top making it not topple over while left standing in line. The inside has a polyester finishing and three pockets for organizing the interior and a telescopic main handle. The only drawback is that the travel luggage only come in limited color, navy blue and black, this makes it hard to distinguish in the luggage area.

7. IT Mega Lite


When looking for lightweight bag with the capability of holding a lot of clothes at an affordable price one should consider IT Mega Lite. Considering its large size, this bag only weighs about 6.1 pounds, this means that you can arrange a lot of gear and still manage to have it under the airline’s weight restrictions. The smooth spinner wheels makes for easy pulling about. This travel luggage come in a range of colors such as pink, black, blue, red, and gray. Its only downside is the absence of padding a a location between the interior lining and the main handle, so items capable of ripping the lining should be avoided.

6. Eagle-Creek NoMatter

This travel luggage is a design and a product of the outdoor company, Eagle Creek. The 32-inch flatbed bag is a concept hybrid between a strong and durable duffel bag and a standard travel luggage. It features a bottom frame, reinforced corners, heavy duty wheels and water resistance. The Bi-Tech material used on the top makes the bag very hardy. It comes with a retractable handle making it easy to pull about. It also comes with a number of quick-access pockets on the front.

5. Travelpro Tpro


If you need your items to be kept organized the way you like them while travelling, Travel Tpro soft side bag is you best choice. It boasts of a number of pockets for both small and large contents. The bag is made from a strong polyester material and coated with water repellent and has straps on the outside. It comes with an adjustable aluminum handle. The interior lid has a toiletry bag, mesh pocket, and a hide-away back pocket and three more additional front pockets on the outside for quick access items. This bag is available in colors, blue and black or black and blue.

4. Samsonite Silhouette


The travel luggage is constructed from strong polycarbonate and has smooth gliding wheels and has an adjustable handle. Weighing just 11 pounds this travel luggage is one of the lighter hard-side travel luggage bags available in the market. It has TSA-approved locks. The inside has mesh dividers and a toiletry bag to keep it organized. The exterior is capable of withstanding tear and wear without showing marks. It comes in two distinct colors, black or blue.

3. Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista


The bags design is a depiction of a California beach theme. The interior is made of colorful linings, with straps to secure contents.
It comes with soft grip handles that fold flat when not in use, two pooches in the front and rolling spinner wheels. It weighs 11 pounds and is easy to catch glimpse of on the luggage belt.

2. Samsonite Omni


This is a specious hard shelled suitcase that offers exceptional durability. The polycarbonate case offers a scratch resistant surface and is light weight. The inside has a full zip divider and a number of straps to keep clothes and shoes organized.It comes with a sturdy zipper, lightweight spinner wheels and TSA-lock for enhanced security. on the back is a retractable handle for easy pulling. It comes in 11 colors of both lighter and natural shades.

1. Lipault Paris Original

If looking for a travel luggage bag that is slightly bigger than a carry-on bag , this is your best choice. This bag designed in France is an upgrade in size from the usual carry-on luggage. It is made from sturdy lightweight nylon and weighs about 5.7 pounds. The nylon material make it easy to wipe off spills from its surfaces. It has spinner wheels for easy movements and three pockets, with two located on the inside and one on the outside to help keep items organized.

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