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Top 10 Best Toilet Bowl Brushes in 2018 Reviews

Designer furniture, elegant curtains, mesmerizing flooring, subtle wallpapers – we put so much of effort in making our homes beautiful. All these implementations surely give our home a touch of class and sophistication. But, one thing that every home needs the most is cleaning. A fully-decorated and furnished home will also look dull and less attractive if its not properly clean. There are many elements in a home from dining to washroom. Every corner needs cleaning but washroom is one part of home which needs deep cleaning and that too regularly.

Cleaning a toilet is one of the most terrible tasks which is equally necessary too. To maintain a hygienic washroom, we can’t avoid this task. There are so many tools available in the market that can serve the purpose of cleaning. One of the most useful tool to clean the toilet is a toilet brush. A right toilet bowl brush makes this terrible task of cleaning quick and easy resulting in a better and cleaner result. You will find numerous specifications when you start searching for a perfect toilet brush. Various color choices, sizes, bristles quality, functionality, handle designs, materials and other options are available in market in different price ranges. Final result depends on these specifications. Most of the toilet bowl brushes use some kind of plastic bristles, the hardness of which can influence how perfectly they clean the toilet bowl. Design of the toilet bowl brush also plays a significant role. A long and ergonomic handle makes it easy to clean even the tricky angles and also preserve your wrist and arm health.

So many options can confuse anyone and you can end up buying an unsuitable product. To help you out in choosing the best product, we have come up with a list of best Toilet Bowl Brushes in 2018. This list covers the latest and reliable toilet bowl brushes that will make your toilet clean and hygienic.

10. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

With smart, erogonomic design and excellent build quality, this toilet bowl brush takes the top spot in our list. Featuring tapered head and perfect shape of the handle, this brush forces the bristles down into the cracks of the toilet bowl. The long handle gives an extra reach so that your hands won’t get close to harmful bacteria, fungus, mold and other contaminents that are likely found on the surface of the bowl. The bristles of this toilet bowl brush are hard enough to clean the mess and flexible enough to clean the debris thoroughly. After cleaning all the mess, the cannister inbuilt in this brush carries any leftover and also let the smell vent away.

9. Anself Handheld Electric Household Cleaning Brush Toilet Scrubber Bathroom Sink Cleaner with 2 Brush Head

World is becoming smarter with smartphones, smart window coverings, smart televisions, smart refrigerators, smart brooms and many more smart household items. Technology is upgrading our way of style day by day. Cleaning is a major part of the daily routine which needs proper tools, effort and time. To make this task simpler, electric toilet bowl brush and scrubber is preferred by most of the homeowners. This handheld electric househols cleaning toilet brush and scrubber is used to clean closestools and other toilet accessories. It is comprised of concave-convex soft rubber design that makes the work comfortable and effective. It contains 2 interchangeable brushes – one for toilet and another for the toilet seat and cover. The brush heads are easy to change and use. This cordless toilet bowl brush is waterproof and has powerful torque. It makes the experience of cleaning a toilet enjoyable and time-saving.

8. Lysol Bowl Brush with Rim Extension and Caddy

Why does your toilet smell even after cleaning? It is because of the leftover fecal matter and other debris in the toilet bowl. Only removing the mess sometimes is not enough to vent away the odor. Lysol toilet bowl brush with rim extension and caddy is a one stop solution to treat this kind of mess. It contains an antimicrobial agent which is present in its fibers which results in deep cleaning. This antimicrobial agent kills the bacteria and germs which are the reason of the smell. It includes the brush and caddy for the containment of debris when not in use. The head of the brush is designed with Lysol’s patented under-the-rim fiber design to access hard to reach angles. A small layer of anti-odor protection is added by each fiber on the toilet bowl’s surface. This layer not only fades away the odor but also prevents formation of mold and mildew.

7. Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush Caddy Set

Featuring a large round brush for easy cleaning, this top of the quality toilet bowl brush comes with a turbo plunger that has rubber grip handle for highly effective cleaning. You don’t need multiple bathroom tools for cleanup and maintenance which keep you working round the clock. Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush is a perfect combination which provide a clean and hygienic bathroom by dealing effectively with unexpected clog. This set comes with a non-slippery caddy to store these tools together in one spot. The bristles of this brush are flexible maximising the coverage area for cleaning.

6. MR. SIGA Toilet Bowl Brush and Caddy Set

If you have multiple bathrooms in your home then you need to keep each bathroom well-stocked with cleaning tools. Buying individual toilet bowl brush for every toilet can add up in your expenditure. Also, carrying previously used brush in other areas of the home impacts the hygiene. Mr. Siga toiler bowl brush set contains two brushed at the price of one. Both the brushes are identical and also have their own caddies. Without taking up too much of space, each toilet bowl brush is designed in a compact way with a durable polypropylene plastic. The larger diameters of the brush provide enough coverage to clean the toilet adequately.

5. Rubbermaid 6320 Toilet Brush for Commercial Use

Cleaning home toilets seem a difficult and terrible task then what about the efforts required to clean a commercial toilet. This task requires tool with another level of build quality that can survive the repeated abuse that public toilets dish out. Hardened and durable plastics and fibers are used in these toilet bowl brushes to maintain hygiene throughout the day. This is the best heavy duty option that won’t get destroyed on high usage. A heavy plastic handle is used in this commercial toilet brush that prevents the body from flexing. The shape of this brush allows the user to clean each and every angle from side to the bottom resisting cracks, warps and bacterial growth.

4. Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy

With 5-years warranty, this supreme quality toilet bowl brush with caddy is equipped with stainless steel rod that is suitable for vigorous usage. The head of the brush is crescent-shaped which can easily clean hard to reach areas around the rim. Tough stains can also be cleaned with the stiff outer bristles used in this brush. Simplehuman toilet brush with caddy is an ideal pick featuring dip-free design and dome-shaped cover. The head of this brush can also be replaced easily. If you are looking something for deep cleaning and durability, then opt for this.

3. InterDesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

If you are seeking design with functionality then this toilet bowl brush is the best option. It is equipped with a sleek holder which conceals the toilet bowl brush discreetly when not in use. This toilet bowl brush is designed to match the décor of your bathroom. The head of the brush is removable in case you need to replace it. This feature saves you money on full replacements. The stiff plastic bristles clean the hard to reach angles with ease.

2. Home-it toilet brush set for tall toilet bowl

Short-handled toilet bowl brushes are frustrating and also predispose numerous germs, bacterias and other contaminents on your hands. If you have a tall toilet brush in your home, then we have the most suitable solution for its cleaning and maintenance. Home-it toilet bowl brush set with flexible handle and non-chip powder coating protect your toilet bowl effectively from stain and rust. It comes with a storage caddy and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers all its defects. When it comes to cleaning toilet, the task can be really frustrating and terrible but with the right kind of tool, you can perform this task with ease. This modern and durable toilet bowl brush will keep the hygiene of your washroom intact.

1. Casabella Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder

Equipped with easy to hold contour steel-reinforced handle, this high quality toilet bowl brush is made with nylon bristles. This brush features superior performance with its tall design. Cleaning and maintaining the toilet is faster and simpler with this durable toilet bowl brush. The head of the brush is rounded which cleans effectively and fight stains well without scratching or lowering the value or look of the toilet. This odor-proof toilet bowl brush comes with a holder for easy storage.

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