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Top 10 Best Power Log Splitters in 2018 Reviews

These machines are famous as they don’t produce harmful fumes making them suitable for indoor use. Since they don’t emit toxic fumes, they are more beneficial when compared to gas splitters and can still produce excellent splitting ability than manual splitters.

Presently, a variety of log splitters are produced by different reputable manufacturers. Below are the Top 10 Best Power Log Splitters in 2018 that are available in the current market, consider purchasing them from https://www.amazon.com where you will enjoy the best prices and a wide variety to choose from.

10. GudCraft 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter Wood Splitter Logsplitter

The GudCraft four-ton power Log Splitter features a reliable fifteen-ampere motor thus it is efficiently operated on standard domestic current, it can work on logs of up to twenty-two inches in length; the splitter has a four-tons splitting force and comes with a one-year warranty. It is also made of hardened steel to promote durability. You can buy this splitter by clicking on the following link

9. Homelite Five-Ton Power Log Splitter

The Homelite UT49103 is a powerful electric log splitter. The machine features a strong motor that can perform all chopping jobs. It also has a stroke limiter, wood tray, stand, and wheels for portability. Use this link  to purchase this product.

8. ALEKO LOGS5T Powerful 5 Ton Electric Hydraulic Portable Log Cutter Wood Splitter

The Aleko five -ton electric wood splitter can be used for several purposes, for instance, for home and commercial use. It has a five-ton splitting force enabling it to work on logs of up to twenty-two inches in length. This machine features a ground circuit breaker to avoid overloading. It is designed with steel to make it durable, and it has a fifteen-ampere motor. It is light which makes it easy to transport and also comes with a one-year warranty. Click on this link to buy this wood splitter.

7. Earthquake Electric Log Splitter

This machine is a little bit costly compared to the previously mentioned models. The Earthquake W1200 Electric wood splitter is different from the other wood splinting machines because it comes with a five-year warranty. It is easy to shift due to its lightweight and the wheels included in its design. It also features a rubber coated handle, tires for easy moving, a fifteen ampere, and 1.75 horse-power motor which is covered with copper. The device has a five-ton splitting force and can work on all types of logs. Follow this link to buy this wood splitter.

6. Sun Joe 5-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

This is a reasonably priced electric wood splitter that features a hydraulic ram. It has a fifteen-ampere motor, and it is made with a light design for portability; it also features a safety switch which can be accessed through both hands. It has rear wheels to ease portability, is made of steel, has a switch to reset circuit if an overload occurs, its log capacity is about ten -inches width and twenty-one inches in length. It also comes with a two-year warranty. Use this link to purchase to log splinter.

5. Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

This wood splitter has an attractive appearance, and the machine is also easy to move to enable use in different locations. Due to its steel made design which makes it tough, the device is durable. The user can maneuver the splinter’s movements and keep hands away from the cutting edge because the machine uses a two-handed system.

The fifteen amperes electric motor has 1.75 horsepower which is ideal for driving this machine. It also features a ground fault breaker to avoid overloading the device; this makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor operation. Use this link  to acquire it.

4. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 Electric Log Splitter

Different vendors offer various options for both home and commercial use. The machine works with a 1.75 Horse Power motor; thus it can perform its function in all working conditions. It also has an integrated stroke that allows the user to adjust the splitter according to the log size. It is suitable for both commercial and personal use.

The machine has seven wheels to assist when you need to move it to a different working area; it has a 1.75 Heavy Duty Horse Power motor to drive it and employs integrated stroke adjuster technology. Follow this link to buy this product.

3. The Six-Load Electric Log Splitter

Another high-quality electric wood splitter is the WEN 56206 6-Ton. This device is potent and features a two horsepower motor which enables it to split all sizes of logs. It also has six inches wheels to improve portability and also features a large cradle to accommodate the wood that is being worked on. This splitter can be acquired from at all times.

2. Power-House Power Log Splitter

This log splinter is both portable and robust; it is has a sturdy and straightforward make that makes it ideal for use in different places.

The machine is only operated using both hands which saves time and help in keeping the user safe. It also features an automatic response mechanism to make it retract to allow reloading.

The device is also light which makes it easy to move from one working area to another; it weighs about a hundred pounds.

It has a two-handed safety feature to minimize injuries since you need to use it with two limbs to operate. Has a take-back aspect to reduce the time necessary for top off and it uses about a hundred and fifteen volts of alternating current. Click here to get this machine.

1. The boss seven-load Electric Power Log Splitter

This is among the best electric powered log splitters; the wood splinting machine can be operated using a single hand. Though working with the device single-handedly is not safe like operating it using both hands, it can split large amounts of logs easily. This log splitter is ideal for tough logs and features a mechanical shove and a stiff handle to provide a steady grip. It also has on side rails which help to keep the wood in place.

It is designed with a two-horsepower motor, a mechanical jam, easy portability, log tray, rails, automatic start, and to promote single hand operation. The motor power is about fifteen Amperes and has a 7-tons maximum splitting force. It also has a log capacity of about twelve inches in diameter and twenty inches in length, the power log splinter also comes with a two-year warranty. Follow this link to buy the product.

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