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Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners without hose in 2018 Reviews

The 10 best portable air conditioners without hose in 2018 Sometimes dealing with the heat in summer can be very agonizing if you do not have air conditioner. What makes portable air conditioners great is their portability. Through they are not as reliable as conventional air conditioners, they can still do a great job for you. Portable air conditioners are most useful when they are put in smaller room, because they are not able to handle larger ones. Now we will help you to choose wisely best possible portable air conditioners.


This air conditioner is best possible option when you are trying to cool a smaller room. This model is only 8,000 BTU, but it includes a handy window vent kit and many advanced features. Because of this model comes with only 8,000 BTU it can handle around 150 square ft. at its best. It is great when you will be cooling your garage or small apartment.You can control the operating modes using LED display, and you can program it with a 24-hour timer and get sleep function access. BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT can be a really reliable product to keep you from the summer heat. It is not a good product for a large room, but it is very compact product to keep your room cool in hot weather outside.

Product characteristics:

  • 8000 BTU’s
  • 150 square ft. area covered
  • Three operation modes
  • Digital LED display
  • Sleeping mode

9. Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan

With its practical and space saving design, Honeywell HO-5500RE stands tall. You can monitor your actions with a user-friendly control panel. With the infrared remote control you can use one of the three cooling speed settings, or use the 4-hour timer of continuously cooling regime.

Product characteristics:

  • 4,5 KG weight
  • 240V power
  • 3 pin UK plug

8. Madoats Mini Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner is uniquely designed so you can carry it with one hand. There are two working modes – you can use the fan, or the fan + humidification. Both of them are very low energy consumptions, which is a big plus. There are no blades exposed for your own safety. This little unit by Madoats is not the exactly the Potable Air Conditioner that comes to your mind, but it can be very useful If you want your room to stay cooler anytime.

Product characteristics:

  • Very low energy consumption
  • 4 hours continuously operation
  • 3 speeds

7. Koldfront PAC1402W Portable Air Conditioner with Defumidifier

This amazing product delivers 14,000 BTU and has a great control panel to adjust temperature. You can set your preferred temperature from 62 to 88F. With its cooling area, Koldront PAC1402W should definitely be considered amongst your portable air conditioner options. The design is very elegant too, so this product is highly recommended.

Product characteristics:

  • 14,000 BTU
  • Dehumidifier
  • 500 square feet maximum area covered
  • 62-88F range of temperature

6. Prem-I-Air 3 Speed Air Cooler

Prem-I-Air 3 Speed Air Cooler is a great option when you are looking for a portable air conditioners that will not set you back financially. It is a really compact air conditioner in a really affordable price. Low price does not always mean low-quality product and Prem-I-Air proves it. It offers high quality cooling performance for small rooms and garages. This product holds a 5-litre water tank to boost cooling performance. There are 3 device options to be set.

Product characteristics:

  • Very cheap
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Swing function to get air distributed

5 . Honeywell MN12CESBB Portable Air Conditioner

Portability – the one word to express this model. With using the included remote you can operate it from long distance. It has 12,000 BTU which means it can create a really cool atmosphere effortlessly. You can adjust temperature from 61-89F. There are 3 cooling speeds with the third one of course is the most loud. Providing all the required accessories, this product can be a great option for you.

Product characteristics:

  • Maximum coverage – 500-520 square feet
  • Quiet operation
  • 12,000 BTU
  • Digital screen

4. Benross Portable Water Evaporative Air Cooler

This product is really easy to move around. It is most popular in United Kingdom homes, and delivers a very fresh cool air around it. Water capacity is 7 litres, with as usual, 3 speed options. There is 240 minute energy-save timer which you can set while you are set to sleep.

Product characteristics:

  • Very attractive white design
  • 7 litres water capacity
  • Really easy to be moved around

3. SPT WA-1402E Air Conditioner

With its high cost, this product delivers extremely high quality. Cooling performance is really high – 14,000 BTU. There is a refrigerant used which does not deplete ozone. Of course there are 3 cooling modes. You should activate the 24-hour timer if you do not want to worry about turning it off. It can be a life-saver if you live in warm climates and it is definitely worth the money.

Product characteristics:

  • Mode for dehumidifying
  • 14,000 BTU
  • 3 cooling speeds
  • It works in a very large areas, up to 750 feets

2. Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1

Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1 can be a live-safer when you are in your apartment in hot summer days. With it’s 14,000 BTU system there is a variable temperature control too. It is very easy to be moved around and with it’s electronic system you can manage it even from you couch. As almost every portable air conditioners, it has electronic timer too. This amazing product is better than every 14,000 BTU system in the market. You definitely will not regret it buying Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1.

Product characteristics:

  • 24-hour timer
  • 14,000 BTU
  • 3 speeds

1. Edge Star AP12000HS Portable Air Conditioner

Right now we are not interested, but we should say this product offers heat function as well, so you can use this product the whole year-round. It is energy-efficient. With it’s 12,000 BTU it is in great usage for bigger rooms, covering more than 450 square feet. Selected temperature can be between 61-77F. You definitely should get this model as it is energy-efficient and you can use it the whole year.

Product characteristics:

  • 12,000 BTU
  • Heat function
  • Temperature 61-77F


All of these products can be very useful in the hot summer days. These are the best of them, considering the price and it’s quality. You should note that none of them has hose so they are very convenient. They can be life-safe, so you should definitely consider buying one of them. It will not cost you much considering the pleasure they provide us.

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